Countee was designed based on inputs from students and profesionals from different areas and developed with love and precision.

Unlimited templates

Templates help you have predefined session inputs and you can create as many templates you like.

Meta information

Define template name and add optional description.


Five minutes or few hours, no worries, define custom session duration.

Countee templates

Two key types

Choose between frequency and duration type of keys and you can even assign them a color (and description).

Unlimited keys

No matter if you work with only one or twenty keys, we put no limits.

Simple re-order

Not liking your key order? Customize them in drag and drop style.


Track your session by precision

After you configured your template, you are ready to run your session and capture all required data.

Start, Pause, End

Have total control over your sessions. You can pause and resume at any time and even end your session before time limit.

Meta information

At the end, add session description, comments or feedback. You can also alter your session name if needed.

Beautiful new colors

With the latest update, we introduced few new colors for your keys

Full preview

See your entire data collected and with brief statistics of keys use.

Export in CSV

Your data is exported in CSV format which you can open in Excel and Numbers or any similar app.

Share sessions

Export and share your multiple sessions by Email, or Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud and even WhatsApp or Viber.


You have total control over with whom you export and share your sessions.


IOA Calculation

For the moment proportional agreement method only

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Articles & Publications

Check some of the articles and publications where Countee was used to help researchers and scientists

Intensive Intervention Practice Guide: School-Based Functional Analysis

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Single Case Research Methodology: Applications in Special Education and Behavioral Sciences (3rd Edition)

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Teaching Children With Autism to Initiate Social Interactions Using Textual Prompts Delivered via Apple Watches®

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Social interaction, food, scent or toys? A formal assessment of domestic pet and shelter cat (Felis silvestris catus) preferences

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Functional analyses: A comparison of isolated and synthesized contingencies. (Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation Counseling)

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Evaluating the Effectiveness, Feasibility, and Treatment Acceptability of a Culturally Adapted Version of Discriminated Functional Communication with Afro-Caribbean Families

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